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REACH Authorisation
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Prioritisation of Substances of Very High Concern

Anticipation phase

Industry must to keep focussed as the proposal for prioritisation may take years instead of months

Toward ECHA and Member States:

  • Keeping Registration and RMO-relevant information up-to-date

In the value chain:

  • Companies to have clear strategy regarding Authorisation
  • Start of groundwork to be prepared to address challenge of having to apply for Authorisation (organisational aspects, content of the Application for Authorisation)
  • Communication in value chain

Reaction phase

Toward ECHA and Member States:

  • Participation in Public Consultation

In the value chain:

  • Preparation for the Authorisation process (preparation and agreement on the cooperation framework, preparing to address legal and practical challenges, preparing the work plan for an Application for Authorisation)
  • Communication

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