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REACH Authorisation
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Identification of Substances of Very High Concern

In a Nutshell

► Who is concerned?

Authorisation is a process that will involve the entire supply chain - manufacturing, importing and transforming the substance concerned and way beyond, including the end-users of articles made of, containing, or made with the help of that substance.

There is a good reason to involve the supply chain: all will be affected and will depend to some degree on the action of another actor.

Yet many actors in the supply chain, especially those not familiar with REACH and the new dimension of Authorisation, may have difficulty understanding the issue. Downstream users have tended to rely on the manufacturers to take care of the regulatory issues related to the substances. However, as the focus gradually shifts from the ‘substance’ to the ‘use’, they will be on the frontline and need to be informed as early as possible.

Some of the first challenges will be to bridge the knowledge gaps throughout the value chain and to understand the different perspectives users may have.

Involve the Supply Chain to Anticipate Authorisation and Make Clear Who May Apply for an Authorisation A different perspective on Authorisation throughout the value chain

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