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REACH Authorisation
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Spotlight on the elements of the Application for Authorisation

► Substitution Plan

If the applicant concludes in the Analysis of Alternatives that substitution by suitable alternatives is feasible, a substitution plan with an implementation timeline is compulsory. ECHA Committees and the Commission will consider this timetable in the opinion and decision process to establish the duration of the review period.

The Substitution Plan:
  • describes the proposed actions toward substitution with justification
  • ndicates who will conduct the proposed actions
  • suggests a timetable for proposed actions with justification
  • indicates what are the remaining uncertainties and their possible mitigation

Beware! Different alternatives may suit different uses, which would imply the drafting of different substitution plans.

The Substitution Plan is a commitment to take actions needed to substitute the Annex XIV substance with a suitable alternative substance or technology within a specified timetable.

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