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REACH Authorisation
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In a Nutshell

► Possible exemptions from Authorisation

REACH sets some generic exemptions from Authorisation such as:

  • Use of substances when present in mixtures below a concentration limit (0,1% or other if a specific concentration limit has been established)
  • On-site isolated intermediates and transported isolated intermediates

Additionally exemptions may be proposed by the authors of the Annex XIV dossier or be requested by Industry when:

  • There is existing Community legislation addressing the specific use (or categories of use)
  • This Community legislation properly controls the risks to human health and/or the environment from the use of the substance
  • This Community legislation imposes minimum requirements for the control of risks of the use. Legislation that only sets out the aim of measures or does not clearly specify the actual type and effectiveness of measures required is not sufficient to meet the requirements under Article 58(2). Furthermore, it can be implied from the REACH Regulation that attention should be paid to whether and how the risks related to the life-cycle stages resulting from the uses in question (i.e. service-life of articles and waste stage(s) as relevant) are covered in the existing legislation

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